1. Jessica from Thread & Bones popped in for both lunch & brunch at Brick & Mortar.

    Come visit us Saturdays & Sundays for Vietnamese brunch, Sriracha Bloody Mary’s and mimosas!

    More photos here.

    Note: Starting next week, we’ll be closed for lunch on Mondays.

  2. We’re excited to announce that brunch service starts at Brick & Mortar this Saturday, April 19th. We’ll be open both Saturdays and Sundays.

    Expect to see dim sum dishes and Vietnamese brunch fare such as Fried Egg Banh Mi and Hanoi-Style Beef Pho. Our menu will have more of a Chinese influence, since Katie, the chef, is Chinese. For many Vietnamese-Americans, dim sum on Sundays is a family tradition.

    We’re excited to bring that to you, but with more booze: we’re selling Sriracha bloody marys and mimosas to ensure that proper SF brunch life.

    Pictured is our Ma Po Scramble with scrambled eggs, ground pork and tofu in a spicy Szechuan peppercorn sauce, served with toast.

    See our brunch menu below.

    Brunch at Brick and Mortar Music Hall

    • 1710 Mission Street (at Duboce)
    • Lunch / Monday - Friday, 11am-2pm
    • Brunch / Saturday & Sunday, 11am-2pm
    • eat-in, take-out, cash only We now accept credit card!
    • walk-in only, no reservations
    • ATM inside

    Dim Sum (Small Plates to Share)

    Salt & Pepper Tofu - $6

    Daikon Cakes - $7

    Beef Pho Rolls - $8

    Pate Chaud - $6

    Mushroom Pate Chaud - $6

    Dry Fried Chicken Wings - $11

    Eggs & Such

    Ma Po Scramble - $9

    Banh Mi Op La - Fried Egg Banh Mi - $9

    Grilled Steak Banh Mi - $9


    Pho Bo - Hanoi-Style Beef Pho - $13

    Ca Ri Ga - $8

    Spicy Kale & Bok Choy Salad - $9


    Sriracha Bloody Mary - $9

    Mimosas - $8

    Tecate - $3

    Ca Phe - Vietnamese Coffee - $3

    Ginger Beer - $3

    Sinh To - Vietnamese Smoothies - $4

    prices include sales tax

    See the full menu here.


  3. 100 Days at Brick & Mortar

    It’s been 100 days since we moved in to Brick & Mortar Music Hall, our lunch and soon-to-be brunch spot on Mission and Duboce. We wanted to let write a post updating you on our new space and team:

    We’ve cooked to different music in all the shared kitchens we’ve used since we started three years ago. Our first commissary was a Mexican bakery in the Mission, so often there was Latin music blasting. It was a bit divey, and had many tenants struggling to find space on the stovetop — and in the food world.

    There was one kitchen that played reggae music everyday, nonstop. And one that would shoot us dirty looks as they were trying to conduct a salsa class in the dining room as we were in the kitchen, banging pots and pans, trying to wash up our dishes for the night.

    We’ve seen and heard the best and worst of it. And we’ve grown from it. But at a certain point in life, you get tired of having fighting over the stovetop and the iPod (or nowadays, the Spotify station.) 

    Luckily we came across Brick & Mortar, which is our first kitchen and restaurant space, which also happens to be a music venue by night.

    People ask us how it’s going. And we often tell them it’s like getting our first apartment: we can decorate it how we want and set it up to work for us. The success of our space is something we are in control of. (Like getting a 100 score on our last health inspection. Whoot whoot!)

    We are also stoked on our kitchenmate Lucy Go Bake, who we chose to share our space because of her amazing desserts and positive energy.

    Having our restaurant means that we can finally play our own music.

    We are stoked to have a great team of folks who are down with pop music as much as we are. Our kitchen is a place where top 40’s and indie stuff reign supreme (as well as playlists titled “Shit My Parents Listened To.”) We sing along to the radio during lunch and much pleasure comes from coming up with weekly playlists for our lunch, and now upcoming brunch service.

    A bi about our team: our oldest employees are Felicia and Tim. Felicia started out as an intern and could be seen dancing in two videos we filmed in the summer of 2012: the ocho ocho (a FIlipino dance) on Fresh off the Boat and she choreographed a dance sequence in our Bieber music video

    Nowadays she’s managing our catering program, and if you ever had a hot bowl of pho in your office, Felicia was the one who made sure it was delivered and done up real nice for you. Tim has been helping us execute our catering for the past year, and has the meanest 80’s playlist you’ve ever heard.

    Our lead cook Christian comes from the Underground Market world, as one of the owners of the The Uncommon Pickle. His contribution to the “Shit My Parents Listened to Playlist” was Shania Twain and Celine Dion. Debbie has been holding down Thursday nights with us at Mojo, and will be making your Fried Egg Banh Mi’s alongside Christian during brunch. She knows the words to “Let it Go” as well as we do.

    When you come into Brick & Mortar, chances are you’ll hear happy pop music radiating from our kitchen. We hope you’ll enjoy the jams and food in our new home.


  4. Open for lunch


    We’re excited to start lunch service this coming Monday, February 10th, at our new restaurant space at Brick & Mortar, located on Mission and Duboce.

    Where is that? Well, it’s kind of underneath the freeway on Duboce (or 13th or Division or whatever you want it call it), close by Zeitgeist, near the friendly folks Scuderia and Public Works, and just a hop, skip and a jump from our friends at Four Barrel and Voyager.

    Got it? Here’s a map just in case:


    On the menu will be soups and curries and banh mi to keep you warm and toasty and going throughout the day. See more below.

    What’s Brick & Mortar? They’re rad folks who book up-and-coming bands every night of the week. The venue was open during the day — and we jumped at the opportunity to serve lunch in this awesome hood.

    Once we get things going, we’ll be open every weekday for lunch and brunch on weekends.

    Excited to have you join us in our next chapter.

    Lunch at Brick & Mortar

    Monday - Wednesday* / 11am- 2pm

    1710 Mission Street at Duboce

    *Monday - Friday in March


    Pate Chaud - 6
    savory handheld pie with ground chicken, chicken liver pate and wood ear mushrooms

    Mushroom Pate Chaud - 6
    savory handheld pie with a shiitake mushroom and cream cheese pate

    Banh Mi Op La - Fried Egg Banh Mi - 9
    fried eggs with cha lua (Vietnamese ham), housemade mayo, chicken liver pate, daikon pickles, cilantro and jalapeños. can be made vegetarian.

    Pho Bo - Hanoi-Style Beef Pho - 13
    hanger steak and fresh rice noodles in a six-hour broth. served with shaved onions, cilantro and jalapeños.

    Ca Ri Chay - Yellow Vegetable Curry - 13
    Madras yellow coconut curry with fried tofu and market vegetables, served with rice.

    Housemade Beverages

    Cafe Sua Da - Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3
    a shot of slow-dripped Trung Nguyen coffee with condensed milk

    Kumquat Ginger Beer - 3
    fermented ginger beer with candied kumquats

    prices include sales tax


  5. Nnnnyaaayyy to the Year of the Horse


    Lunar New Year Brunch

    Saturday, February 1st

    Brick and Mortar Music Hall / 1710 Mission Street at 13th

    11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    We rung in the 2014 at our new restaurant at Brick and Mortar Music Hall, and now we’re stoked to ring in the 2014 Lunar New Year, the Year of the Horse.

    Last year we threw a series of events to celebrate the Lunar New Year, but this year we’re going to go by an old Vietnamese proverb to focus on the essentials of the Tết, the Vietnamese New Year —

    Thịt mỡ, dưa hành, câu đối đỏ,

    Cây nêu, tràng pháo, bánh trưng xanh

    Fat pork, salted shallots, crimson couplets

    New Year pole, strings of crackers, green rice cakes

    We’re going to bring you exactly that with housemade Banh Chung (Vietnamese New Year cakes), Banh Bia (Vietnamese mooncakes), as well as other bites to bring you luck in the New Year.

    Wishing you lots of little red envelopes and little red stools,

    Valerie, Katie

    and the Rice Paper Scissors team


    Fried Daikon Cakes - 6

    crispy rice cakes made with daikon, Chinese sausage and dried shrimp

    Pho Bao - 6

    steamed buns filled with beef pho broth, ground beef, scallions, cilantro, and lime

    Banh Chung - Tet Sticky Rice Cake - 7

    sticky rice with ground pork and mung beans, steamed in banana leaves

    The filling resembles the different layers of the earth - a humble representation of the earth we live in.


    Chicken Xiu Mai Banh Mi - 9

    chicken meatballs in a ginger-tomato sauce pate served with housemade mayo, chicken liver pate, cucumbers and cilantro

    Pho Ga - Chicken Pho - 13

    fresh rice noodles in ginger chicken broth, served with poached chicken, shaved onions, culantro, scallions and lime leaves.

    Pho Ga Dac Biet - Special Chicken Pho - 15

    same as above plus confit gizzards, quail eggs and chicken feet

    Buddha’s Delight - 13

    cellophane noodle stir-fry with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, lily buds and roasted ginko nuts

    Long noodles = long life.

    Thit Heo Kho - Caramelized Pork and Egg Rice Plate - 13

    caramel claypot baby backribs braised in star anise, coconut water and fish sauce, served with a soft egg and broken rice and dua gia.

    This classic Vietnamese New Year dish, represents family with whole eggs, symbols of life and fertility.

    Banh Bia - 5

    Vietnamese mooncake with flaky crust filled with mung beans and a salted egg yolk

    Similar to the Chinese mooncake!


    Jasmine Tea - 3

    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3

    slow-dripped Trung Nguyen coffee with condensed milk

    Kumquat Ginger Beer - 3

    housemade ginger beer with candied kumquats

    Kumquat trees are often used to decorate the house for the Lunar New Year.

  6. A few photos from our third annual New Year’s Day Brunch which took place at Brick & Mortar, our new restaurant space.

    Happy to ring in the new year with lots of new and familiar faces. Always feels special to start the first day of the new year with y’all.

    Our resolutions in 2014: starting lunch service at Brick & Mortar in February, working hard to build our future restaurant, and continuing to make soulful Vietnamese food for you guys.


    Valerie, Katie and the Rice Paper Scissors team

    Photos by Andria Lo. Full set here.


  7. New Year’s Day Brunch at our new brick and mortar

    Wednesday, January 1st

    Brick and Mortar Music Hall / 1710 Mission Street at 13th

    11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

    New year, new beginnings.

    On January 1st, we’re hosting our annual New Year’s Day Brunch at Brick and Mortar Music Hall, our new kitchen and Rice Paper Scissors HQ.

    We’ve got our Breakfast Banh Mi, Hanoi-Style Pho and more to keep you warm and toasty. Brick and Mortar will be behind the bar with bloody marys and mimosas to keep the new year spirit going.

    In the past, we’ve popped up in garages on Valencia, at the iconic Whiz Burger, and now excited to break into our new home on Mission and 13th Street.

    Brick and Mortar Music Hall is a cozy music venue in the Mission with nice decor and even nicer people that run it. We are excited to take over their kitchen and we plan on serving lunch there Monday through Friday in early 2014. Think of it as our permanent pop-up or temporary brick-and-mortar.

    Until then, pull up a little red stool and join us for Vietnamese brunch on the first day of the new year and our new space!

    Valerie, Katie and the Rice Paper Scissors team




    Ham Sui Gok - Fried Mochi Dumplings - 8

    fried mochi dumplings filled with pork and shiitake mushrooms

    Mushroom Pâté Chaud - 6

    puff pastry filled with ground chicken, pate, and wood ear mushrooms

    (+) add a fried egg - 1

    Dry Fried Chicken Wings - 11

    crispy chicken wings served with a lemongrass and chili glaze


    Breakfast Banh Mi - 9

    two fried eggs and cha lua (Vietnamese ham) with housemade pate, mayo, daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Vegetarian Breakfast Banh Mi - 9

    two fried eggs with housemade pate, mayo, daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Hanoi-Style Beef Pho - 13

    fresh rice noodles in beef broth with hanger steak, shaved onions, cilantro, scallions and limes

    Vegetarian Ca Ri - 13

    Madras yellow coconut curry with market vegetables. served with rice, buttered baby carrots and dill


    Jasmine Tea - 3

    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3

    shot of slow dripped Trung Nguyen coffee with condensed milk

    Kumquat Ginger Beer - 3

    housemade ginger beer with candied kumquats. cure for the common hangover.

    Full bar from Brick and Mortar bar - bloody marys and mimosas for all!


  8. Brunch this Saturday at Dear Mon

    Brunch @ Dear Mom

    • When: Saturday, December 14th / 11:30am-3:30pm
    • Where: Dear Mom - 2700 16th Street @ Harrison
    • A-la-carte brunch + full bar. Walk-ins. Cash only.
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    People eat pho here for dinner, but in Vietnam it’s often eaten as breakfast. Pho Ga (or Chicken Pho) will help take away any hanger (anger due to hunger) or hangover or hangry hangover you might have.

    We also have two rice plates, starting with Bo Ne (Steak and Eggs) Rice Plates — tri-tip steak served with two eggs, chicken liver pate, grilled onions and tomatoes over jasmine rice.

    Eggs and Rice Rice, our vegetarian rice plate, has two eggs, stir-fried yuba (or tofu skins) and an assortment of grilled veggies. It’s served with com do ca chua, commonly known as red rice, which is rice fried with tomato paste and garlic.

    For a sweet treat, Katie Kwan will be frying up housemade steamed buns to make Vietnamese beignets, topped with cinnamon and sugar and served with a coconut jam.

    See you on Saturday!

    Valerie, Katie and Felicia

    Photo by Melissa Rachel Black


    Ham Sui Gok - 8
    fried mochi dumplings filled with pork and shiitake 

    Mushroom Pâté Chaud - 6
    puff pastry filled with ground chicken, pate, and wood ear mushrooms

    (+) add a fried egg - 1

    Pho Ga - Chicken Pho - 13
    fresh rice noodles in ginger chicken broth, served with poached chicken, shaved onions, culantro, scallions and lime leaves

    Pho Ga Long - Special Chicken Pho - 15
    same as above plus poached egg yolks and confit chicken gizzards

    Rice Plates

    Bo Ne Rice Plate - Steak and Eggs Rice Plate - 13
    tri-tip steak and two eggs with chicken liver pate, grilled onion, tomatoes served over jasmine rice

    Com Do Ca Chua - Eggs and Red Rice Plate - 13
    two eggs, grilled vegetables and stir-fried yuba served over com do ca chua (tomato and garlic fried rice)

    Dessert and Drinks

    Vietnamese Beignets - 6
    fried steamed buns with Vietnamese cinnamon and coconut srikaya

    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3
    shot of slow dripped Trung Nguyen coffee with condensed milk

    Suan Mei Tang - Smoked Plum Tea Sparkler - 3
    smoked plum and hawthorn tea with housemade ginger ale


  9. Pho Night in Photos


    Our pop-ups at Dear Mom have always been a special experience for us: we get to serve food in the Mission, where we spend most of our time cooking and working.

    At last Sunday’s Pho Night, the support was so overwhelming that we sold out of food early in the night. We would have loved to have fed every person who came out, but we will have to save that for the next time.

    Special thanks to Andria Lo for capturing the pho in photos and Amanda Luu for foraging liquor bottles and putting beautiful flowers in them.

    View the full photo set here.

    Stay dry, keep warm, eat pho.

    Valerie, Katie and Felicia



  10. On Turning Two

    A few weeks ago, we were asked by TEDxPeacePlaza to speak about about “What’s Possible.”

    We spent a few nights in the office, mulling over the question with some tequila; getting nostalgic about the past two years.

    We reflected on our first pop-up on February 2011. We started Rice Paper Scissors with a small grain of an idea: set out some stools and sell food on the sidewalk, just like vendors do in Vietnam. From there, we kept doing a pop-up every month, moving into bigger and bigger spaces, growing more ambitious with our menus and execution.

    That first night in Feburary 2011, we learned it was possible to create a little restaurant from nothing, and that people would be adventurous to go out and try snail pho on a small terrace on Valencia Street.

    Then we found Mojo Bicycle Cafe a few months later, and turned that into our weekly restaurant, where we’ve spent every Thursday for the past two years.

    At Mojo, we learned how having a restaurant (even if its only once a week) makes it possible to experience the joy of seeing familiar faces — groups of friends meeting over banh mi, watching babies grow into toddlers.

    For awhile, we tried to figure out how to grow our team. Was it possible to make it something bigger? Rice Paper Scissors has been our full-time jobs for the past two years, but now we’re happy to report that it also includes Felicia (our Catering and Event Manager) as well as Tim, Jimmy, Jake and Eric — our team of strong and talented cooks.

    When we started two years ago, we didn’t know what was possible. But thanks to our staff, extended community of friends and regulars, we now have a better idea.

    Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of Rice Paper Scissors. Whether it’s at Mojo or at one of our pop-ups, we are humbled by people who come out to adventure with us. We are here to feed you Vietnamese food - something different, something tasty, something that we hope you feel was a new discovery.

    What’s next? We now know that it’s possible to build a restaurant where we can all get together, not just every Thursday, but most nights out of the week.

    To another year of pop-ups … and hopefully a restaurant by our third birthday!