1. RPS Gets a Visit From Anthony Bourdain + ‘The Layover’!


    (photo by Misha Tsukerman)

    Way back in August 2011, our RPS Heads to Hanoi Pop-Up was visited by Anthony Bourdain and his awesome production crew over at Zero Point Zero Productions.  They were filming their first season of The Layover, a faster-paced and city-based riff on No Reservations, and wanted to drop by our little pop-up.  

    When we first got the notice, I was sitting at Mojo Bicycle Cafe, my mouth agape, while Valerie was somewhere in the east bay jumping around her office.  Humbled by the mere thought that Anthony Bourdain would be within arms length of our banh mi, we were all on board. 

    Working around the clock to make RPS Heads to Hanoi the best pop-up possible, we pulled out all the stops.  This meant:

    - Working with Chris McNally, a badass illustrator, to produce a beautiful gig poster

    - Coming up with a menu that sent our guests to the misty West Lake of Hanoi: bun rieu (crab noodles soup), green papaya salad with pork jerky, cha ca (tumeric fish), bap xao (fried corn with dried shrimp), homemade shrimp chips, and banh mi!

    RPS_6231   RPS_6251 RPS_6239   

    photos by Albert Law

    RPS_6243   RPS_5960

    RPS_5964   RPS_6069

    photos by Albert Law

    - Inviting Albert Law of Pork Belly Studio to take beautiful photos.  Full set viewable here

    - Recruiting our friends and peers to help execute.  A special shout out to Iso (forageSF), Jeff (The Original Pizzahacker), Andrew (LOW// Bicycles), Vien, Josh, Jordan (Stag Dining), John (Harley Richter Catering), Robyn, Hannah, Phebe, Chris, Sailaja, Amanda, Sean, Gianmaria, Ricky, Sarah, Ella, Eric (High Beam Media) and Kai (Nosh This)!

    So…what was our visit with Anthony Bourdain aka Tony aka The Big T like?  Well, after hustling for weeks straight and making sure our guests and team were happy and fed, we were just glad to take a moment to hang out with him and have a good old chat about how passion drives us to do crazy things. 


    (photo by Misha Tsukerman)

    Our impressions of Tony:

    - He’s very tall

    - He’s totally comfortable to be around

    - He’s a bit more fatherly than we expected, asking us how what our parents thought of our pop-ups and new careers. 

    Interesting factoids:

    - He ate our handmade shrimp chips and banh mi (swoooon!)

    - He spends about 200 days traveling (away from home in NYC). 

    - His camera man had just jumped into one of the pools at The Tonga Room. Whaaaa?

    Check out this short clip of his visit and make sure to tune into the Travel Channel tonight (Jan 9th) at 9pm to catch The Layover San Francisco Episode!  

    For all of you who “don’t watch tv, just Netflix”, the episode is available for purchase on iTunes.

     We’re excited to see Tony travel the city, hang out in dive bars, and on sit on little red stools!

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