1. Behind the Bieber Music Video

    It’s no secret that we love the Bieber at RPS. Okay, only one song really — Boyfriend. Who doesn’t like that song? It makes us shudder with excitement because it sounds like he’s whispering in our ears. We feel like cougars, and it’s cool, because over half the people who like Bieber are cougars.

    When the SF Street Food Local Forager Contest was announced, we knew we had to do something to set ourselves apart for the competition. Sure, our banh mi’s are pretty bangin’, but there was something we knew no one else was going to do — a music video parody of Justin Bieber. 

    We thank Felicia Chanco, our intern, for coming up with that one.

    And over the course of two days, we worked with our interns and friends to produce something we’re super proud of. Felicia wrote the lyrics. Scott McDowell helped us record the track at Hyde Street Studios (along with a bottle of Maker’s Mark). Our other intern Ella Ross shot the video. Danny Gabriner of Sour Flour showed up with his bread-delivery Interceptor and nearly got us killed. Lastly, our friend Eric Slatkin of High Beam Media used his mad editing skills and churned the video out in an hour like it was NBD.

    Things we learned along the way:

    - We sound like robots when we try to sing as sexy as Bieber

    - Every music video needs a good dance sequence (also thanks to Felicia!)

    - You can never have enough hair

    - Gwen Stefani touches herself in the studio (as told to us by Scott)

    - Wind tunnels add drama. If you ever need wind, hit up Florida Street between 15th and 16th.

    - Autotune is your best friend

    - And so is alcohol. But just don’t give too much to Danny Gabriner

    And here is the video again, for your viewing pleasure: