1. Intern Love

    RPS is usually a two-person team. But this summer we were four.

    That’s because we were lucky enough to have met Ella and Felicia (pictured left to right), our first interns.

    Felicia had just finished her third year at Chapman, and wanted to get more first-hand experience with social media and event planning. We loved her background in PR, but what caught our attention was her blog, Interesting Detours. Her most recent blog post had this picture:

    We were sold.

    Ella found us by way of the Eat Real Festival, where she and I had worked together the previous summer. She volunteered to prep at a RPS pop-up and expressed interest in working with us for the summer. Of course, we thought. This is a 19-year-old girl with Youth Radio and Eat Real internships under her belt, all before she can even legally drink. Also, she knows how to make some mean gnocchi. We were impressed.

    By the time they started, we were only slightly prepared to have interns. What our work entailed changed every week, but our interns were professional and flexible enough to go with the funky (and fun, random, and unexpected) RPS flow.

    Here’s some milestones:

    • In Felicia’s first week, she helped us MOVE OFFICES. Not an easy feat.
    • They helped us conquer the Food & Wine photoshoot, where they styled food and set up the pop-up. This shot wouldn’t have happened without Felicia’s good eye for lantern hanging!
    • Felicia came up with the brilliant idea to film a music video for the SF Street Food Festival and re-wrote the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend. Ella filmed the video, and did everything from using stools as tripods to standing on garbage dumpsters to get the perfect shot.
    • On that note, Ella helped launched our YouTube channel, and even took the initiative to make her own videos.
    • They planned and executed our Sunday Brunch Pop-up at Four Barrel, complete with pajamas!
    • The SF Street Food Festival was the final exam, which they passed with flying colors. Felicia took over as rock star cashier when someone called in sick, and moved the line like it was nobody’s business, while Ella jumped into mid-fest, making more beef pho rolls on the fly. Of course we’d like to think our hustling rubbed off on them, but they definitely had it in them from the start.

    It was an unforgettable summer. Together we hustled at underground dinners, danced in alleyways after events, and filmed interviews with drunk chefs on little red stools. We couldn’t have done it without their help, but mostly, it would’ve been only half as fun without them.

    On our last Monday together, we celebrated with an inspiring dinner at State Bird Provisions. After many small plates of exciting food and glasses of wine, we sat in the car, gushed and shed some tears.

    We’re afraid to come back into the office next week and not have them be there, but we’re excited to see them continue kicking ass. We’re so proud and honored to have worked with them.

    Thanks Ella and Felicia. Let our next interns be warned: y’all have big shoes to fill :)

    RPS shameless plug:  With our interns gone, there is an absence in our office and on our team. We are currently looking for new Social Media, Video, and Culinary Interns to bring their flavor to Rice Paper Scissors. Please email us!

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