1. SF Street Food Festival - By the Numbers

    • 2,982 views on our Justin Beiber parody video
    • 1,000 Beef and Mushroom Pho Rolls served
    • 800 Daikon Cakes fried up
    • 200 shots of Vietnamese Iced Coffe poured
    • 18 hour work day
    • 10 awesome folks on the RPS team
    • 6 hours Katie Kwan was hawking on the street
    • 5 miles Josh, our runner, ran around the Mission to re-up on supplies
    • 1 bottle of Bulleit to celebrate
    • 1 well-deserved Uber ride home

    The SF Street Food Festival was the challenge and pinnacle of our summer. First, being a part of the Whole Foods Local Forager contest where we had to rally up friends, customers, and strangers to vote us into the festival. I guess Justin Bieber works charms!

    Then, figuring out a menu item, a process, and a crew that could work fast, so nobody had to wait around for their street food. (That is the whole point of street food, after all!) We consulted SFSFF veterans Hapa Ramen and Wise Sons for pointers. Favorite part: Richie talking about tent set-up while breaking down a pig in his kitchen. Multi-tasking at it’s best.

    On the day of, all our detailed lists and planning came together. Our team hustled. Josh literally ran around the Mission to buy more ingredients for the Beef Pho Rolls, and at one point ran a 50 pound box of fresh rice noodles from 16th and Mission to our booth on 22nd and Folsom. Katie got jacked on our Vietnamese Iced Coffee and put the “hawker” in hawker fare for the entire day. I expo’d like it was nobody’s business.

    Y’all came and ate. Some people said the Beef Pho Rolls were their favorite was their favorite dish. One customer spoke to Mission Loc@l how our Daikon Cakes are deep-fried, not pan-fried, for ultimate crispy pleasure (something Katie picked up in Hong Kong.) Those comments warmed our hearts!

    Best way to end the day? Unloading at our kitchen, then kicking off our clogs and realizing “Oh shit, we served over 2,000 folks in 8 hours.” A bottle of Bulleit and Uber car ride home later (which I fell asleep in), we went to bed, happily exhausted.

    The following Monday, we celebrated with an amazing dinner at State Bird, combined with a tearful goodbye to our summer interns. Katie and I both took the week off to hang out in the sun (she in Tahoe, me in Maine) and now we’re back, ready to do it again at the Eat Real Festival next weekend in Jack London Square. So excited.


    1. The crew! (via @ricepapersf on Instagram)

    2. Fried Daikon Cake up front, Beef Pho Roll in the back. Taken by Felicia Chanco. (via @ricepapersf on Instagram)

    3. Katie, taken by Omar (via @streetfoodsf on Instagram)

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