1. An RPS Tour of the Mission

    When Eddie Huang and the VICE asked us to take them on a tour of San Francisco for their new show Fresh Off the Boat, we looked to the Mission where we eat, work, and play.

    The Mission is host to tons of old school, legit, and dependable Asian purveyors who hook us up with fresh produce, seafood and staples that make Rice Paper Scissors possible.

    We brought Eddie to two of our favorite spots: Sun Fat Seafood and Duc Loi Supermarket, both¬†owned and operated by Vietnamese immigrants who’ve provided for the neighborhood restaurant scene for decades.

    We’re happy to introduce Eddie to the folks who have given us great advice and product over the past two years.

    And what better way to showcase their awesome stuff than with a grillfest? Check out our tour with Eddie Huang, followed by our charcoal BBQ and many-a-shots of rice wine!

    Also, don’t forget to check out episode one (where you can spot our summer intern dancing the Filipino Macarena at the end!)


    Valerie + Katie

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