1. Dungeness Crab House 2


    A few weeks ago we threw our second Dungeness Crab House, a dinner celebrating the Bay’s favorite crustacean.

    This dinner had us on the edge of our stools. In the week prior to the event, the crab fishermen went on strike (as they did the year before) due to a price dispute between them and the wholesalers.

    We wanted to support the fisherman so we had a back-up plan (Bass Haus!) in case they didn’t resolve the strike before the dinner. But luckily all was worked out two days before the dinner. Phew.

    Also on the menu: White Truffle Garlic Noodles (another treat of fall/winter) as well as Jasmine Tea Shaved Ice — a great excuse to bust out the Korean shaved iced machine we scored at a garage sale near our office.

    Another crab dinner is scheduled for January. Stay tuned!

    Valerie + Katie

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    More photos from the amazing Pete Lee here

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