1. New Year’s Day Brunch @ Whiz Burgers


    New Year’s Day Brunch
    Date: Tuesday, January 1st 
    Time: 11am-5pm
    Location: Whiz Burgers - 700 South Van Ness Avenue (at 18th)
    Eat in / grab & go

    We’re popping up for our annual New Year’s Day Brunch at Whiz Burgers, the iconic burger joint on the corner of 18th and South Van Ness avenue.

    On the menu: fried egg banh mi’s and pho and Vietnamese coffee and everything else to make life feel alright (and maybe even awesome.)

    Excited to start the new year with y’all.

    Valerie + Katie + Zoe



    Pâté Chaud - 5 
    puff pastry filled with ground chicken, pate, and wood ear mushrooms

    Salt-and-Pepper Tofu - 5
    Crispy fried tofu, served with wok-fired shallots, green onions and jalapenos


    Breakfast Banh Mi - 9
    Two fried eggs and cha lua (Vietnamese ham) with housemade pate, mayo, daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Adds-ons: + $2 housemade bacon

    Vegan Banh Mi

    Soy-based “duck” with Vegannaise, housemade daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Hanoi-Style Beef Pho - 12
    fresh rice noodles in a housemade beef broth with hanger steak and stewed beef shank. served with shaved onions, cilantro, scallions, and limes.


    Vietnamese Yogurt w/ Grapefruit Marmalade - 5
    housemade yogurt sweetened with condensed milk and topped with grapefruit marmalade and candied kumquats


    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3
    slow dripped Trung Nguyen Coffee with sweetened condensed milk over ice

    Invite your friends here.

    See photos from last year’s inaugural New Year’s Day Brunch.

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