1. Dungeness Crab House: Southeast Cajun Boil


    Saturday, January 26th


    Gung Ho Restaurant - 680 8th Street (at Townsend)

    $65 / Tickets here

    Crab season ain’t over yet — and we’re not letting it pass without doing it up Cajun-style (and just in time for Mardi Gras!)

    Our next installment of Dungeness Crab House is inspired by Vietnamese Cajun seafood restaurants, popular in San Jose and Garden Grove in Southern California — cities with large Vietnamese populations.

    Seems random, but like every fusion of cultures, there’s a backstory. After immigrating to the States, many Vietnamese families settled in the Gulf Coast, where “boiling points” or crawfish houses reign supreme.

    Like any good New Orleanian, the Vietnamese also have an affinity for rice, spice, and seafood. Inspired by Creole cuisine, Viet-Cajun joints came to be — with an added Southeast twist of lemongrass, muoi tieu chanh (a lemon, salt, and pepper dip) and garlic noodles to go along with boiled crustaceans bathed in butter.

    These restaurants are known in Vietnamese as “quan nhau” — basically, a restaurant where you can get crunked.

    So in true Vietnamese and Louisianan spirit, come dine and be sure to leave the table with empty crab shells and beer bottles — always a sign of a good time.

    Tickets are $65 and can be purchased here.



    Crawfish Étouffée Bouchée

    thick crawfish and sea snail gravy served in a puff pastry

    Louisiana Shrimp, Pork and Pomelo Salad

    with cucumbers, mint, and fried shallots

    Southeast Cajun Crab

    1/2 Dungeness crab and corn simmered in lemongrass and Old Bay Seasoning. served with a trio of sauces: tamarind, garlic butter, and salt-pepper-lime.

    Garlic Noodles

    housemade oyster sauce, butter, garlic and topped with Grana Padano cheese

    Grilled Okra

    with a housemade XO sauce

    Bananas Foster & Beignets

    rum bananas, fried beignets and fish sauce ice cream


    More details and tickets here

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