1. Sunday Brunch @ Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle

    On Sunday, September 4th we’ll be serving up breakfast banh mi sandwiches and Vietnamese coffee at Blue Bottle’s kiosk in Hayes Valley from 10am-3pm.

    We’ve been eyeing this alleyway for days, and we’re happy to announce we’ll be setting up a shop next to their cool little garage/kiosk. Vien (Blue Bottle’s barista trainer) graciously showed us how to make his version of Vietnamese coffee using their 17 ft. Ceiling blend (read more about his previous Viet coffee endeavors on SFoodie). We’ll be making it with the traditional Vietnamese filters to give you that nice full-bodied flavor with a hint of condensed milk.

    Sunday Brunch @ the Blue Bottle Kiosk 

    315 Linden Street, San Francisco, CA

    Sunday, September 4th



    Breakfast Banh Mi - $8
    with fried egg and chua lua (Vietnamese ham)
    and all the fixin’s: homemade mayo and pate, pickled veggies, cilantro, jalapenos

    * can be made w/o ham

    Vietnamese Coffee - $3

    with Blue Bottle 17 ft. Ceiling and condensed milk (can served iced or hot)

    Coconut Tea Cookies - $3
    with roasted coconuts and walnuts

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