1. Happy New Year!

    Today marks the first day of the Lunar New Year!  New to New Years?  Check our video on How To Say Happy New Year In…

    Lunar New Years is very important to us because it also marks our second year in business.  We’ll be spending the day relaxing with our loved ones and resting up for our the Lucky Mission Festival, a month long Lunar New Year celebration.

    For now, here is a look at New Years past.  


    KK slinging Chicken Pho and Imperial Rolls at Pop Up #1, Tet Holiday Pop Up, Febraury 2011.

    Val + The Cha Ca Menu

    Valerie showing off the one item menu at Cha Ca Va Long, Hanoi February 2012.

    Let this new year bring you good health and good food. 

    - RPS


  2. Eater’s Digest: SF Chefs

    Confit x 2

    Last last weekend, we got a chance to attend SF Chefs - a restaurant, food, booze, lovefest in Union Square. 40+ bites, 20+ beverages, and all around good times.  OH the things we ate!

    Through the hum of it all, here is what we learned:

    1. Eating food is much easier than taking photos of food

    2. There is no shame in walking around with a wine sampling glass attached to your neck.

    3. Ruebens and pastrami are so hot right now.

    Here are the highlights and some good ole food porn:

    Beef Heart Reuben

    Beef heart reuben from Michael Minna. Thanks John!

    Lamb Pastrami

    Lamb Pastrami.

    Wine Coozie

    Attendees know no shame. Wine coozies to free your hands to double fist food.

    Bone Marrow Brulee

    Bone marrow brulee from Jordan Grosser, chef at Honor Bar and the Lake Chalet Restaurant Group.


    Photo bomb! What up Jordan!

    Check out the full photo set here.  Until next year SF Chefs!