1. Ping pong street party lead to this.

    Photo and art direction by Allan.

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  2. Katie checking out at Ba Bar's awesome menu

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  3. The Last Rush: Seattle

    Taylor Keeps An Eye On the Kids

    After a night of drinks and chili-cheese chili cheese Ruffles in Portland, we piled into a minivan to head to Seattle. In the driver’s seat was Taylor of The Bold Italic (and soon-to-be Western Editions), alongside Eric (who was shooting videos of the trip). Allan, Katie and I were the back-of-the-bus kids.

    Once we passed the Space Needle, it knew it was time to get to work. We hit up Viet Wah to get our supplies for our pop-up at Vermillion and were enamored with how much the grocery store resembled Vietnam, especially with their sugarcane machine that looked straight out of Vietnam. Swoon.

    We visited Pike Place Market for the “World’s Best Mac and Cheese” at Beecher’s and watched people throw fish. This was no Fisherman’s Wharf — we felt like Pike’s Place offered a good selection of eats, served with a good show and energy.

    As our final day in Seattle drew to a close, we watched the sun set on the sound, whiskeys in hand to toast the success of our final stop on our Bold Rush tour.

    Nicely buzzed, we piled yet into another van (this time a white Escalade Uber, to our amusement) and The Bold Italic folks treated us to dinner at Via Tribunali, a dimly-lit pizzeria in Capitol Hill.

    Then came the closing party, which was a rock show plus ping pong at Neumos. The party was a great way to end our tour. We saw tons of Seattle folks get down on Berlin-style pong. We danced to Don’t Tell the Cops, which featured an awesome Laotian MC. We ate cream cheese hot dogs.

    At 2am, we did our final celebratory shots at Ba Bar, a new school Vietnamese restaurant whose chicken wings and beef pho we happily slurped down. Crazy. Fun. Times.

    Now that we had a taste of tour life, we can’t wait till we do it again. Thanks to The Bold Italic for taking us along for the ride :)

    — Valerie

    Viet-Wah!  Legit Vietnamese Grocery Store Pike Place MarketBeecher's Mac n Cheese! Allan Watching The Sunset Burrito Ordering Pizza Leaving Our Mark At Neumos Ping Pong @ Neumos! Don't Talk To The Cops Late Night Smiles

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  4. United States of Ping Pong

    KK Ready to play

    For our second stop of The Bold Rush, we popped up at the Ace Hotel alongside The Bold Italic and American Tripps, a ping pong party started by Allan of Mission Mission.

    Katie pong’d in heels (which impressed Allan) while I danced outside dressed as the Bold Burrito (which did not impress the restaurant next door.)

    The next day we explored Portland, first by hitting up Stumptown Coffee (which we’re happy to report lived up to all the hype) and walked around Alberta Street. There we enjoyed Pear and Blue Cheese Ice Cream from the folks at Salt & Straw and did happy hour at Alleyway Cafe & Bar, where we asked Allan to buy us a funny drink.

    After getting Goldschlagered and having a few giggles, we went to 7-11 for dinner. All in all, a success.

    — Valerie

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    Who-wore-what from the lovely Marissa of Portland’s Pretty

    The Bold Italic Pop Up Shop in PortlandKatie and Alan Face OffVL, Eric Slatkin, and Sarah Conducting interviewsBurrito RPS StyleStumptown Coffee Pear and Blue Cheese Ice Cream from Salt & StrawThrough The Looking GlassLeaving Our MarkChili Cheese Snack Attack


  5. How We Roll: Bo Bia

    For our three-city tour with The Bold Italic we chose to make Bo Bia, a type of Vietnamese spring roll. We made two versions: the traditional one featured Chinese Sausage and Egg while the Vegan/Vegetarian version had Fried Tofu (and Egg). Both are served with a peanut sauce.

    We chose this dish because 1) who doesn’t like spring rolls and 2) it’s a less common in the US, but something we came across often in Vietnam. Better yet, the ingredients are easily found in each city.

    We love our fresh the rolls taste. Wanna try? We’re serving up our Vegetarian Bo Bia at our pop-up at Mojo Bicycle Cafe this Thursday.

    Here’s a visual breakdown of what’s in our Bo Bia.

    Rice Paper For Life! Untitled Untitled Untitled Bo Bia Spring Rolls


  6. The Bold Rush: Los Angeles


    This past weekend we wrapped up the first leg of The Bold Rush, a West Coast tour with The Bold Italic that showcases SF goods. Our first venture was to the ever-so-sunny Los Angeles, where we did a pop-up at Poketo, a beautifully curated gift shop.

    Downtown LA during the day

    The Bold Italic folks put us up in an Airbnb in Downtown LA, which we shared with videographer Eric of High Beam Media and Allan Hough, ping pong party master behind American Tripps.

    Our detailed “Guest Handbook” had two notable instructions: 1) Absolutely No Partying!!! (emphasis, theirs) and 2) that we were welcome to use their “not-so-glamorous” rooftop pool and jacuzzi.

    Little did they know that we hail from SF, a land of no-swimming-pools and constant 65-degree weather (save for the last few days). Needless to say, we very much enjoyed the weather and Airbnb amenities.


    We consider The Bold Rush as a kind of “cultural exchange.” Along with The Bold Italic, we’re bringing our SF/Southeast Asian vibe to our West Coast “sister cities” and The Bold Italic folks will document interesting things in each city.

    Here’s Sarah Han of The Bold Italic and Eric filming Angie, one of the co-owners/sweethearts at Poketo. Their brick-and-mortar is located in the beautifully industrial Arts District of LA, which we would recommend exploring. After a trip to Poketo, get a bratwurst and beer at Wurstkuche, an indoor biergarten next door (note to SF: We need one of these), and then dessert at The Pie Hole, a cute pie shop across the street.


    The Bold Italic brought a trunk show of SF goodies to LA, including lots of local art and handmade goods. Although there were lots of local goodies too — members of Beachwood Sparks played a free show and we got down on some Peach Cobbler pie from The Pie Hole.

    IMG_8884 At the pop-up, Katie’s sister Ming Ming came to help out, since Katie was in NY for a wedding. Thanks Ming Ming!

    LA was a great way to start off our trip! Tomorrow we’ll be hopping on a plane to Portland and then finishing off at the end of the week in Seattle. See you in a bit, SF!

    — Valerie

    More shots from our pop-up at Poketo:

    IMG_8901 IMG_8893 IMG_8896 IMG_8905 IMG_8909

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