1. The Camp-In

    The Camp-In

    outdoor dinner + movie

    • When: Saturday, November 17 / 4pm-9pm
    • Where: Mission Dispatch / 1975 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA / Between 18th and Mariposa
    • Dinner from 4-7pm, Movie begins at 6:30pm
    • Free admission, food + snacks + beer for sale
    • RSVP and round up your friends here :)
    • Rain or shine. We’ll move the party from the outdoor courtyard to THE NWBLK, a warehouse located next to Mission Dispatch.
    We’re huge fans of camping (because who doesn’t like an excuse to eat, drink, and have a good time with friends?).

    We’re combining our love for food, movies, and the outdoors on Saturday, November 17th for The Camp-In, a pop-up dinner and movie night we’re throwing with our Mission neighbors Alite Designs and Mission Dispatch 

    For dinner, we’ll be selling fried and savory dishes from 4-7pm, and will open up our concession stand from 7-9pm for Wet Hot American Summer.

    Alite Designs will bring their famous tents and chairs to the yard, but you should also
     BYO camping gear to stay cozy during the movie! Bust out your camping chairs, headlamps, tents, and little red stools if you got them!

    Note: As much as we’d like to sleepover with y’all, this is only a pop-up camping event. No sleepover this time around.


    Dinner (4-7pm)

    Fried Daikon Cakes - 6

    crispy rice cakes made with daikon, Chinese sausage and dried shrimp

    Fried Oysters - 7

    crispy fried oysters, served with pickled onions, Vietnamese herbs, and mustard seed sprouts

    Hanoi-Style Beef Pho - 11

    fresh rice noodles in six-hour beef broth, served with hanger steak, meatballs, onions, cilantro, and lime

    Fried Egg Banh Mi - 9

    with housemade mayo (and pate), daikon pickles, cucumbers, jalapenos, and cilantro

    Concession Stand (7-9pm)

    Popcorn, Three Ways

    Savory: hella butter and salt - 3

    Sweet: butter, Vietnamese cinnamon, sesame brittle - 4

    Sweet & Savory: fried shallots and shredded coconut - 4

    Asian Candy Grab Bag - 4

    assortment of our favorite Asian candies

    Rice Paper S’mores - 4

    Bulleit Bourbon marshmallows, graham crackers, dark chocolate

    A selection of Southern Pacific Brewing Beer will be for sale


  2. Farmstock 2012

    What a better way to push back the end of summer by yet another camping trip?

    Our good friend Eric of Gung Ho (formerly known as Seoul Patch) has been singing praises about Free Spirit Farms the moment we met him.

    When the Free Spirit folks threw their second annual farm party, we packed Austin's car with our little red stools, Asian candies and a bottle of Bulleit — and off we went!

    Lots of industry folk were there to support Free Spirit; including Josey who brought his wonderful bread as well as Jeff and Roger who fired the famous PizzaHacker pies in a wood-fired oven.

    Below are shots from an epic farm party, which was chock full of amazing food, music, people and most importantly — 15” gas-fueled bonfires.

    Welcome to Farmstock!

    Eric Drainin NoodlesJosey Baker Adding His Bread To The BasketVal + Austin Gettin Down on RamenKatie + Valerie + Stool in the Creek!Roasted Pig Josey + LambWest Nile Ramblers15' BonfireCampgroundsAmerican GothicStools in The Haystack


  3. Never Too Late to Tayhoe

    We almost let summer pass us by. After doing tons of events — including the ever-so-crazy SF Street Food Festival — we had to go on a weekend trip to Tahoe (which we lovingly dubbed Tayhoe) to celebrate the end of festival season and let’s be real — turn off our phones, swim, soak up the sun, relax, and be in the company of good friends.

    There’s nothing better than chasing the sun and water with our friends Andrew, Andria, and Josh (with an all-too-brief guest appearance from Jeff).

    And having fun with our meals, pairing fun ingredients with Safeway-bought items. Katie fried up canned oysters and topped with with cucumbers and picked red onions and a dash of chiles. Andria invented the cheese waffle when she put sharp cheddar on her newly-seasoned cast iron waffle skillet. I roasted Bulleit-soaked marshmallows and subbed Hershey’s chocolate for Andes chocolate mints. With our extra graham crackers, Katie made a impromptu cobber with fresh peaches and used marshmallows in lieu of sugar.

    We hope you guys had your fair share of frolicking this summer as well. Life’s too short not too.

    — Valerie

    IMG_8787 IMG_8636 IMG_8512 IMG_8643 IMG_8566IMG_8546IMG_8573IMG_8654 IMG_8680 IMG_8665

    More photos on Facebook.

    Check out Andria’s awesome set here. She’s the pro, after all!