1. Luke’s Local Meal Box


    Photo by: Zoë Nguyen 

    So last week, I had my typical Friday morning routine:

    7:00am Wake-up
    7:30am Wake-up again, and actually roll out of bed
    7:35am Put on clothes
    8:00am Get onto the crazy 71 Noriega-Haight bus to my RPS internship.

    But once I got into the office, a surprise awaited me; I was greeted with a giant loaf of bread from Katie, “Here, we got a Luke’s Local Meal Box today!”

    Last week, our friends at Luke’s Local  sent us a personalized meal box. Their box is a customizable combination of produce, pre-made meals, and local snacks and pastries. We were able to select what we wanted in the box and sent to our office. It’s sort of like Mary Poppins’ bag with whatever food you desire instead of medicine.

    The bread Katie handed me was a nice alternative to the usual Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle I grab on Eleventh St and Market. I’m too groggy to even consider making myself something when I wake up in the morning before I stumble out the door.

    After I got settled into the office, we sat down outside on our little red stools and started chowing down on the chef’s meal of the week: Dungeness Crab Mac & Cheese and Stewed Beef prepared by Jesse Manuel.

    Even when it came to working outside of the office, the box was a useful treat. It provided on-the-go snacks during the Dungeness Crab House last Saturday when we were in a time crunch; Josey Baker Bread and Nana Joe’s Granola came to our rescue after Valerie swooped them up as we rushed out of the office. It was great to be able to pull something different out of the box when we were craving something quick.

    Now that the holiday rush is replacing our office hustle, my friends and I are all about the Secret Santa gift exchange. The meal box is definitely something I’m considering to personalize for my friends.


    — Zoë, the Intern

    (Source: ricepaperscissors.com)

  2. This is life as an RPS intern

    (plus brainstorming and executing crazy events, making overly detailed lists, learning how to make Vietnamese coffee, shooting music videos and taking food pics)

    We’re always looking for Social Media, Events, and Videography/Photography Interns. Drop us a line at hello@ricepaperscissors.com.

    Animated holiday photos from the 12FPS and Moving Portraits holiday party. Featured intern: Zoe Nguyen.


  3. Meet the Interns

    Every season we bring in a new group of badass interns to help make RPS events happen. Here’s a look into a our fall/winter team, filled with punk rock photographers, former fashionistas and event planner extraordinaires.

    Akia Leigh Graybill
    Photography Intern

    Currently residing in Downtown Oakland, Akia is a high school sophomore who has witnessed three UFO sightings. Living in the Bay for a good three years now, Akia digs the metal scene and would normally be found watching Dr. Who or Battlestar Galactica. Her palate favors savory and spicy foods, whether it’s on a pizza, sushi, or a pork bun.

    Current Food Obsession:
    PHILLY CHEESESTEAK. There is no better cheesesteak than at the Cheese Steak Shop. Other than that, a baked pork bun, Oakland’s Chinatown has the best on 8th Street.

    Emily Koh
    Social Media and Events Intern

    A media studies major at the University of San Francisco, Emily decided to take her fashion knowledge from the runways of New York to the little red stools of San Francisco. Raised in a Korean-American household where both parents grew up in Brazil, Emily has eaten her share of BBQ with a side of Brazilian salsa and kimchi.

    Current Food Obsession:
    Pie Fridays

    Zoe Nguyen
    Social Media and Events Intern

    Zoe’s career at San Francisco State University was turbulently undecided before she landed on the RPS little red stools. Now with a focus in event management, Zoe brings her experience from managing and promoting the LA party scene to the Bay Area food scene. Zoe’s affinity for food introduces her taste-buds to all the flavors San Francisco has to offer. Nevertheless, she still affirms you can’t go wrong with a simple bowl of mac & cheese.

    Current Food Obsession:
    Potatoes … and cheese, always.