1. Sunday Brunch @ Dear Mom

    Join us for Vietnamese brunch! 

    When: Sunday, April 21st / 11am-4:30pm

    Where: Dear Mom - 2700 16th Street @ Harrison

    Service: A-la-carte brunch + full bar

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    Ham Sui Gok - 8

    fried mochi dumplings filled with pork and shiitake mushrooms 

    Numbing Sichuan Noodles (vg) (g) - 6

    wide cellophane noodles in housemade Sichuan peppercorn oil, served with spring asparagus, fried peanuts and cilantro.

    (+) Add cold sliced Five-spice Braised Beef Shank - 3

    Pâté Chaud - 6

    puff pastry filled with ground chicken, pate, and wood ear mushrooms

    (+) Add a fried egg - 1

    Mushroom Pâté Chaud - 6

    puff pastry filled with ground chicken, pate, and wood ear mushrooms

    (+) Add a fried egg - 1


    Pho Ga - Chicken Pho - 12

    fresh rice noodles in ginger chicken broth, served with poached chicken, shaved onions, culantro, scallions and lime leaves

    Vegetarian Rice Porridge (v) (vg) - 11

    spring vegetables, salted quail eggs, Chinese donut, marinated tofu, preserved mustard greens and cilantro

    Banh Mi

    Breakfast Banh Mi - 9

    two fried eggs and cha lua (Vietnamese ham) with housemade pate, mayo, daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Vegetarian Breakfast Banh Mi (v) - 9

    two fried eggs with housemade mayo, daikon pickles, cucumbers and cilantro

    Vegan “Smoked Duck” Banh Mi (vg) - 9

    Dessert & Drinks

    Vietnamese Yogurt with Local Kiwi - 5

    housemade yogurt made with a hint of condensed milk

    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - 3

    slow dripped Trung Nguyen coffee with condensed milk

    Suan Mei Tang Sparkler - 3

    smoked plum and hawthorne tea with ginger ale and aloe

    Prices include sales tax

    (v) vegetarian (vg) vegan (g) gluten-free


  2. Brunch in the Sun: Pajama & Alley Edition

    (Our little red stool set up in Four Barrel’s alley)

    We continued our Sunday Brunch series in Four Barrel’s alley and good thing we did! The sun joined us for the entire service, shedding light on our Vietnamese brunch offerings.

    (Felicia, our intern, rocking the high up-do and the menu)

    Our interns Ella and Felicia came up with the theme of Thức Dậy (thooc-yay) or wake up: We donned on pajamas and loved the extra comfort during service. Now we know why its the choice of clothing for street food vendors in Vietnam. 

    (The crew!)

    And of course, none of this would have been possible without a great crew and awesome staff at Four Barrel. Thanks for coming out! You can see the full set of photos here.


  3. Alleyways, Pajamas, and Brunch

    Thức Dậy (thooc-yay) or wake up with a Vietnamese brunch this Sunday, August 12th at Four Barrel from 11am-4pm.

    We’re popping up in Four Barrel’s back alley where they normally serve coffee and espresso drinks during the weekend.

    On the menu: Vietnamese Rice Porridge, Banh Mi Opla (Vietnamese Omelette Banh Mi), and Vietnamese yogurt with Frog Hollow Peaches. And of course brunch wouldn’t be complete with Vietnamese Iced Coffee, this time made with Friendo Blendo, Four Barrel’s espresso beans.

    In true Vietnamese fashion, we’ll be selling food in our PJ’s. We invite you to come in your bedroom best as well :)

    Thức Dậy (Wake Up) Sunday Brunch
    Sunday, August 12th
    Four Barrel Back Alley - 15th and Caledonia Street


    Vietnamese Rice Porridge with Poached Chicken and a Soft Boiled Egg - $8
    served with ginger and scallions

    Banh Mi Opla – Vietnamese Omelette Banh Mi -$8
    open-faced banh mi with a scallion omelette, Vietnamese herbs, and a fish sauce dressing

    Vietnamese Yogurt with Fresh Peaches - $5
    yogurt made with a hint of condensed milk, served with Frog Hollow Farm peaches

    Vietnamese Iced Coffee - $3
    made with Four Barrel Espresso blend

    Photo credits, clockwise from left: Ella Ross, Molly DeCoudreaux, BitBoy, Molly DeCoudreaux


  4. Scenes from a Sunday Brunch + New Years Breakfast

    We live for brunch. Warm toasty breakfast banh mi and rice porridge to fill your tummy and some Vietnamese coffee and beignets to give you the morning rush.

    Last week we did a Sunday Brunch on Valencia where we served up all sorts of breakfast goodies. Don’t fret if you missed it — we’ll be popping up on New Years Day at an industrial space in the Mission for the essential post-NYE brunch. Follow us @ricepapersf or sign up for our email list — we’ll send you the address bright and early, before you wake up (and hopefully not too hung over).

    See you Sunday!

    In little red stools and sequined party dresses,

    Valerie + Katie


    New Years Sunday Brunch


    Location will be tweeted & emailed out the morning of


    Vietnamese Rice Porridge - $7
    served with a soft boiled egg,
    chicken confit, ginger and scallions

    Pate Chaud - $3
    savory breakfast puff pastries
    filled with pork or mushroom pate

    Breakfast Banh Mi - $8
    fried egg and Vietnamese ham
    served with housemade mayo, pate,
    carrot/daikon pickles, cilantro and jalapenos

    Vietnamese Beignets - $4
    sprinkled with Vietnamese cinnamon
    and served with coconut jam

    Vietnamese Coffee
    with Blue Bottle’s 17 ft. Ceiling
    and condensed milk
    Hot - $2
    Pot of Jasmine Tea - $3

    Our friend Melissa Black of the The Eat Team captured last week’s pop-up on her blog and flickr. Check out her site to read a recap of our popup, as well as her upcoming journey to eat and make art with chefs and artists all over the world.

    Note: The two canes in picture no. 3 belongs to Bobby and Sashi, Katie’s boyfriend’s 80-something grandparents, who are also two of our biggest fans :)